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Instrumentation Combustion Engineering (ICE)

Industrial Combustion Systems

ICE is a Combustion Engineering company that specialise in design, manufacture and service of combustion system for all industrial applications. We have both Australian and overseas experience in many facets of combustion systems, including

. Mineral sands industry with Rotary or Fluid bed technology.
. Air heaters for low to Medium temperature dryers
. Furnace burners for high temperature kins or calcining applications.

With our overseas experience we design complete systems for

. Heavy to light or waste fuel oils including pumping and heating skids.
. Natural, LPG or process gases or a combination of dual fuel.

We ensure our systems provide both the control and turndown that are required by your process or system demands. Our burner control panels provide all possible fault indication and system status with in-built diagnostics that make it easy to pin point both status and fault conditions. To minimise commissioning we are able to fully simulate the operation of the burner and associated plant on a PLC so the panel is fully tested prior to the installation. Due to careful design and bench testing of valves our equipment is to a large part ready for operation with only minor tuning during the commissioning process.

The industries we service are mining & mineral sands processing, food processing, dairy, heat treatment, brickyards, weaving mills and spray booths.

ICE services these industries with 24 hour breakdown support.

ICE has a combustion engineer, project engineer, and both electrical and mechanical burner service technicians. We also have in house a professional team of nine electrical, software and process engineers with AIC.


Boiler Systems

ICE has many years experience in steam and hot water boilers.

We have the engineering support to handle both large and small installations of boilers and auxiliary equipment.

We design steam condensate systems with energy recovery to maximise what would otherwise be waste heat going to drain or through vents. Our systems save money in both energy and water usage. By managing the plant more efficiently we are able to increase production with less energy often reducing the need for extra boilers.

We can install Energy Management Systems, which allow you to control your boilers and plant in the most cost efficient way.

Chemical savings can be achieved by installing out de-aerators and Reverse osmosis plants which can almost eliminate the need for chemical dosing and blow down.

ICE uses a specialist industrial chemist for water treatment and waste treatment consultancy to look at the most economical solutions for your water management or waste water management both for the boiler and the total plant.

We can upgrade your control panels and combustion systems to give more accurate control of your steam process and greater indication of fault conditions. Our boiler touch panels on fully or semi unattended boilers offer schematic indication of status, trending, fault indication and alarm history.

We have a team of boiler service technicians who are on call 24 hours for any break down service.

ICE provides a range of hire boilers on either oil or gas for short or long term hire.