QR Automation with Smarts & Analytics

Create QR codes you can edit at any time with inbuilt smarts. Supercharge your QR codes with Facebook, Google Tag Manager and UTMs. Target destinatitions based on device and location. Start campaigns from Slack and integrate with unlimited CRMs via Zapier. Upgrades include custom domains, integrations, exportable analytics and team accounts.

Integrate Your Tools Your Way

Use QR Automation's powerful analytics tools or connect with your favourate apps and measure every QR code view before your users even land on your site. Integrate with Google Tag Manager, Facebook, Google Adwords, LinkedIn, Twitter, AdRoll, Quora and unlimited combinations via Zapier. Busy day? Start campaigns directly from Slack.

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QR Automation = QR Code Smarts

QR Automation might just be the missing piece of your marketing puzzle. Easily collect data about all your active QR codes, start spilt testing (AB testing) QR codes, use our UTM builder, tag campaigns, and embed pixels in your QR codes. Make your QR Automation codes truly digital and edit their destinations live.

Targeted QR

Split test (AB Test) QR codes in seconds and start automating QR based campaigns. Optimize campaigns without ever having to edit a social media post ever again.

Power Up

Implement global campaigns with QR Automation code destinations based on geolocation. Optimize landing page destinations based on device type. Set expiry dates for QR codes and even password protect them.

Make QR Automation Work for You Grow your inbound marketing toolkit

Understanding your users will help you increase conversion and exceed your marketing goals. QR Automation lets you play with inbound traffic live. Use analytics to guide how you route traffic or simply bundle your QR code destinations to quickly add split testing (AB Testing) to your inbound marketing.

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Change paramters on the fly Fact: Live editing reduces stress

The fear of sending a QR code to print and the destination address having a typo or the campaign's landing page URL changing isn't just a fear it is a reality for many marketers. Accidents happen in fast paced environments and campaigns change rapidly when there are many stakeholders. That is why you can rest easy and quickly update QR codes on the fly with QR Automation.

QR Automation also lets you change paramaters such as those annoying (yet wonderful) Google UTM paramaters as quick as you can hit edit. In addition, you can quickly build those annoying (yet wonderful) UTM paramaters with our easy to use editor.

Supercharging your QR codes with QR Automation will make your life easier and make you look like the marketing genius you are!

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Fact: Live editing reduces stress

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